Prince Harry Reveals What Princess Diana Would’ve Thought of Meghan Markle

It’s long been rumored Prince Harry’s engagement ring for Meghan Markle would include diamonds that once belonged to his later mother, Princess Diana. After all, Kate Middleton’s ring was quite literally Princess Diana’s at one point, so it’s only fitting Markle’s would tribute her in some capacity, too.

And it does—several times over. In their first sit-down interview as an engaged couple, Prince Harry revealed Markle’s engagement ring includes “little diamonds on the side” that are actually from Princess Diana’s jewlery collection. That’s sentimental enough, but are you ready for this? Prince Harry designed the ring himself.

“Everything about Harry’s thoughtfulness and the inclusion of [the diamonds] and not being able to meet his mom…it’s important for me to know she’s a part of this with us,” Markle said in the interview. “I’m able to somehow know her through him…To be able to have this [ring]—which links where[he] come from—it’s perfect.”

Unfortunately, Markle is right: She and Princess Diana will never get to meet in real life. However, Prince Harry contends his mother would’ve loved her. “They’d be thick as thieves without question,” Prince Harry said. “She’d be over the moon [about our engagement], jumping up and down. So excited for me. She would’ve been best friends with Meghan. It’s days like this where I miss having her around. I’m sure she’s with us.”

Markle has met several key members of Prince Harry’s family, though, including his grandmother, the Queen. “[Meeting her was] incredible,” Markle also said in the interview. “To be able to meet her through his lens—with the love he has for her as his grandmother—all of those layers have been so important to me.” Apparently, the Queen’s corgis took to Markle instantly, which is so adorable that I can’t breathe.

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