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Taylor Swift Performs “New Year’s Day” on ‘The Tonight Show’

Taylor Swift‘s ultra-confessional song lyrics have a way of cutting right to your core (if you’ve never teared up while listening to “All Too Well,” you’re an emotionless automaton). “New Year’s Day,” the final song on her new album Reputation, is no different. Swift showed up at The Tonight Show on Monday night for a […]

Watch Taylor Swift’s ‘SNL’ Performance of ‘Ready for It’

Soon after breaking the internet with her comeback single “Look What You Made Me Do,” Taylor Swift sparked a new round of online fan theories with “Ready for It.” The upbeat summer hit recounts a budding romance with her current beau Joe Alwyn, ex-BF Harry Styles, or a number of other exes, depending who you […]

Céline Dion Just Performed an EDM Version of ‘My Heart Will Go On,’ and It’s Perfection

Céline Dion really is having a banner year. Not only is the iconic singer crushing it at her Vegas residency, but she’s also become a favorite at fashion and awards shows, absolutely killing it every time she hits the red carpet. Dion is that rare package of raw talent and pure joy that fans across […]

Boosie Says Meek Mill Will Only Do 10 Months and Get Richer Than Ever

Boosie Meek Mill Will Be Out in 10 Months With Way Fatter Pockets!!! 11/10/2017 12:50 AM PST EXCLUSIVE Boosie thinks Meek Mill should be celebrating his 2 to 4-year sentence … because he’s gonna do way less time than that, and make way more money than he would if he wasn’t behind bars. We got Boosie at LAX […]

Covert influence is the new money laundering

Cortney Weinbaum Contributor Cortney Weinbaum is a national security researcher with the Cyber and Intelligence Policy Center at the nonprofit, nonpartisan RAND Corporation and a former intelligence officer in the U.S. intelligence community. Google is the most recent company known to have discovered evidence of Russian covert influence on its books. As more media companies realize […]